From Amos Schwartzfarb, serial entrepreneur and veteran Managing Director of Techstars Austin comes the elemental, essential, and effective strategy that will help any startup identify, build, and grow their customers from day 1

Sell More Faster is the only practical playbook on how to build and scale your sales organization from day one. It will help you find product-market fit, test your sales theories and models, build and scale your sales organization, and develop ongoing relationships with your customers to grow your business exponentially. This book was written for anyone interested in starting, growing, or leading a modern startup so they can hit the ground running with a solid plan and have the foundation build agile and effective sales teams.

The book is full of advice from successful founders, entrepreneurs and early-stage leaders on their sales breakthroughs as well as their missteps. The overall approach, called the W3 Method, is build around three crucial questions: Who are you selling to? What are they buying? Why do they buy? Surprisingly, these basic questions are often overlooked - yet they are critical to building any successful sales organization. The W3 Method equips you with the tools to. articulate your strategy with your team, company, investors and customers.

Sell More Faster delivers the critical strategies and guidance necessary to avoid and manage the hazards all startups face and beat the odds. This valuable resource delivers:

  • A comprehensive playbook to identify product market direction and product market fit

  • Expert advice on building a diverse sales team and how to identify, recruit, and train the kinds of team members you need

  • Models and best practices for sales funnels, pricing, compensation, and scaling

  • A roadmap to create a repeatable and measurable path to find product-market fit

  • Aggregated knowledge from Techstars leaders and industry experts

Sell More Faster is an indispensable guide for entrepreneurs seeking product-market fit, building their sales team, developing a growth strategy, and chasing accelerated, sustained selling success.