Sell More Faster is the sales playbook every startup founder needs to read.  Whether you’re searching for product-market fit or have found it and are starting to scale, this book will give you the play by play approach of what you need to do to build an awesome sales organization. -Brad Feld, Partner at Foundry Group, co-founder Techstars

There is no better expert at startup selling than Amos Schwartzfarb. Follow his advice. My success stems from simply telling my startups to listen to Amos’ advice on selling. Anyone can sell with a known product, brand, and reputation, BUT if you want to start the whole process from scratch you have to listen to Amos Schwartzfarb. You could spend the next decade learning how to sell and not sell through personal experience, or you could just read this book from Amos Schwartzfarb. -Aziz Gilani, Managing Director Mercury Fund

“Every company needs to figure out who your customers are and how to scale your sales organization.  Sell More Faster is the first book which takes that complicated task and breaks it down into a playbook every founder can follow.” -David Cohen, Co-CEO at Techstars

When it comes to selling new concepts, Amos is without parallel.  Startups and established companies often need to make major pivots in their business.  When that happens, you need a talent like Amos who can quickly and successfully sell that new direction to clients. -Jake Winebaum, Serial Entrepreneur

For anyone in sales - which is basically everyone - this book is a must read. I'm recommending this book to every startup founder and sales exec that I meet. -Anna Barber, Managing Director of Techstars Los Angeles

I’ve seen Amos’ work at both Blacklocus and with his portfolio at Techstars and can say first hand that Amos understand how to identify early customers and scale sales organizations.  This book should be a goto for any founder looking to build a business from day 1. -Morgan Flager, General Partner at Silverton Partners

This is a book that all first time entrepreneurs must read. Getting to repeatable selling in an early stage company is by far the biggest challenge startups face and Amos provides an experience-based, prescriptive approach to getting it right the first time. I've witnessed the success of Amos' approach first hand when we built a venture-backed company together and sold it for a 10X cash on cash return. -Rob Taylor, Co-Founder and CEO Convey

Amos imparts valuable insights on hard lessons learned, that can apply to any startup founder. He has a very engaging way of presenting practical and inspiring advice to entrepreneurs on how to lead teams, and manage growth, from his successful track record.  This book is for anyone interested in starting, growing, or leading a modern startup. -John Brown, Head of Publisher Policy Communications at Google

I was fortunate to get to work with Amos while in Techstars Austin. I’ve seen first hand how his frameworks and methods impact a company's ability to grow and scale.  Reading Sell More Faster -will give you the same unfair advantage we had at ScaleFactor which has enabled rocket ship growth in a very short time. Sell More Faster is a must read for every startup CEO and Head of Sales -Kurt Rathmann, Founder and CEO at ScaleFactor

During the Techstars accelerator programs, we say “do more faster”. We encourage our portfolio to get product out the door, get early feedback and iterate quickly. In that phase, the CEO or one of the co-founders typically does all of the selling. This is necessary, as only they can push the whole company to do whatever is needed. In order to do that successfully and set themselves up to scale post-accelerator they need to have product-market direction and be on the road to product-market fit. Sell More Faster de-mystifies the complexities on the road to product-market fit and growing a well run sales organization. A must read for all startups! -David Brown, Co-CEO at Techstars

In an industry that tends to obsess about fundraising, finally, there exists the go-to resource focused on the most important part of building and growing a business: sales. I've worked with Amos for years and he has always been the first person I go to for advice for teams who need help with their sales strategy, and now everyone has that access -- this book gives everyone the roadmap they need to succeed growing a scalable sales strategy. Amos Schwartzfarb's approach is so good it feels like cheating. -Zoe Schlag, Managing Director at Techstars Impact

Warren Buffett once said “It’s not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results.” Truer words have never been spoken about achieving success in sales. Amos has held sales leadership positions in a half dozen companies that had successful exits. That doesn’t happen by chance. Working closely with him these last few years, it’s easy to see why he’s enjoyed success everywhere he’s been. While his sunny disposition and genuine love of people have surely contributed, it’s clear to me that his adherence to a process is his secret sauce. Over two decades of insight from one of the best sales leaders I've ever been around is tucked in these pages. I’ll be giving this book to all the founders I work with. -Mark Solon, Managing Partner at Techstars

This inspiring book provides practical resources and actionable insights for founders. Far too often, content geared towards entrepreneurs is high-level inspiration that merely scratches the surface. As an operator and investor, who has been on both sides, Amos is able to go deeper, tap into the founder mindset and unpack many of the challenges of scale. This book is an incredible resource and must read for my portfolio companies and students! -Jenny Fielding, Managing Director at Techstars New York